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Good Morning Houston A’s Families,

This Saturday (tomorrow) we are having our Annual Complex Work Day. I do hope everybody can join us. The park isn’t in poor condition, but there are things we must sure up before we get going too far into this spring.

Unfortunately, the rain has been a complete mess lately. Over the past 6 months, I have never seen the complex this saturated. It’s starting to dry out, and hopefully we have some more dry weather during the spring/summer.

Over the last few months, we have started to make some additions/renovations to the complex. Our Plyo-Care/Arm-Care Wall and Lighted Bullpen Area should be up and running after this weekend. The Batting Cage Area has also gone thru some changes to make it more practical for hitting workouts. All the changes taking place are to make the complex much more baseball friendly, as well as safe for our ballplayers, and families.

With those changes and renovations, as well as many other maintenance related items, we have spent close to $7,500 on the complex with donations collected thru our 2018 Hit-A-Thon and End of Year Banquet.

We plan on spending another $4,000 (+) this weekend/season, and we are looking to see if A’s families would like to help donate towards the upgrades.

This morning, I added a page to the website for anybody who would like to help donate to this weekend/season. There will be a PayPal Donation link set up on the page for items we are looking to purchase.

Here are the items we are looking to purchase for this weekend/season:

12 Cubic Yards of Infield Dirt $800
Infield Conditioner $300
Turf Glue $50
American Flag/Texas Flag $70
Construction Trash bags $25
2-cycle pre-mix gas $40
10 sheets of 3/4 inch treated plywood $350
10 (4x8) Horse Stall Mats $350
Assorted Lumber for Bullpen Area $650
Turf For Bullpen Area $1,000
Pole Cushions for Cage Area $100
Mound and Plate Area Tarps $500
Grass/Weed Killer $125
Ant Killer $250
Fertilizer for Entire Complex $500
Floodlights $120
White Striping Paint $100

Here are the Items needed for the Complex Work Day:


- If You have at home. Would prefer AM drop-off, and PM Return.

Leaf Blower(s)
Pressure washer(s)
Ladder(s) 6’-12’
Sod Cutter
Grass Edger
Limb Cutters/Lopers
Fertilizer Spreader
Grass Sweeper

Thank you again for all of your continued support of the Houston Athletics. We would be unable to function without the help of our amazing players and families.

I hope to see all of you tomorrow!

Ricky Watkins
Houston Athletics

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